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“During my research for Clean Breaks, a Rough Guide on responsible tourism, I spent a few days with Help Tourism at Bali Island in Sunderbans. The experience was a highlight of my 9 months of research, partly because it was the only time I have ever seen a tiger. I found their sensitivity both to the wildlife and communities with which HelpTourism was involved to be exemplary, and all the more so when a short while later the island was ravaged by Cyclone Aila and the work they did helping the community recover went way
beyond what is customary from a tourism company and was truly inspiring. Indeed it is one of the examples I turn to most when asked to defend the benefits tourism can bring to communities.”
Jeremy Smith
35, Muswell Hill Road, London, N10 3JB.

“I have travelled alone in some of the most remote parts of the Himalayas using Help Tourism. The whole philosophy of holistic and community beneficial tourism is epitomised by the tours offered. I have visited and stayed in Manas, an important tiger habitat, Kaziranga as well as Dibru Saikova/ Mishmi Hills all of which have several local and indigenous tribes and communities. The facilities that are on offer through Help Tourism and the way the whole programme has been designed is excellent. Every community member I have met through my travels through Help have been friendly and helpful. I have never seen even a single itinerary that doesn’t offer quiet and responsible holidaying be it for birding or other wildlife. Maybe that is why I keep coming back toHelp every year.”
Meenakshi Subramaniam
Kerala, India.

“I appreciate your effort to orchestrate our trip, which was enjoyable, exciting, and most memorable in a number of ways. Thanks to you and Arup, and your colleagues Shishir, Tapashi, Bhaskar, and Jayanta on the road, as well as the personnel at Florican Lodge and Swiss Guest House. Manas and Kaziranga were magnificent; we enjoyed exploring the parks and were lucky to spot a number of rhinos, elephants, deer, etc. We especially liked being at Florican with the young men who are working so diligently to better themselves and their community. Help Tourism is doing admirable work, and I wish you continuing success. I will heartily recommend Help Tourism to anyone going to India. For now, my husband and I have the souvenir scarves and hand-painted picture which Arup kindly presented, and I hope that we can travel with Help Tourism again, perhaps to Sundarbans or Sikkim. Best regards, Betty”
Betty Meissner

"Renate and I just returned from a 3 months research trip through Malaysia covering the Peninsular part plus the North Borneo part and Singapore and Brunei. It meant a lot of work but we managed. We are still smiling from our Sunderbans, Sikkim, Darjeeling and Assam trip arranged by you. One of the best experiences in our 40 years of traveling across the globe! You must apply for the TODO and SKAL Ecotourism awards as both myself and Renate feel that what you are doing are the best practices at all levels of Responsible tourism. Your work in Manas national park is commendable. You must come to ITB-Berlin and WTM-London to promote your unique projects and your wonderful trips. Sorry about the short note but I am in a rush all the best "
Stefan Loose
Züllichauer Str. 2
D 10965 Berlin

“Among the many tourism organizations I’ve dealt with, HELP Tourism has always stood out as both notable and remarkable. By taking tourism and its benefits to some of the most vulnerable and least understood destinations our planet has to offer, particularly the undertravelled regions of Northeast India, the organization does what few other companies are willing to do: to put tourism profit and social development on the same agenda. Having worked with the company for the last year, I feel I have discovered a model in the hospitality industry that many others should adapt to their own needs and requirements. I believe that travellers will continue to demand more from their tourism experiences, and choose holidays that enlighten and benefit the people of the places they visit. This is why I wholeheartedly recommend that Help Tourism be recognized for their work and I wish them nothing but the greatest success when it comes to furthering their tourism agenda in Northeast India.” 
Mikey Leung
Travel Journalist
Author of Bangladesh: The Bradt Travel Guide

“Help Tourism works on the principle that wildlife tourism must benefit the, often very poor, rural populations who live their lives with the wildlife. Not only does this help improve these lives and increase their resources but it is hoped that by showing the local population that they can benefit substantial from their wildlife they will contribute to their protection. This is especially important in north eastern India because many of the rural population readily eat wild birds and animals, kill them for skins, feathers, horns and casques (on hornbills) or are involved in poaching for markets in neighbouring countries. Help Tourism now has mostly village-based accommodation in a number of places, from the steamy Sunderbans to the virgin forests of the Mishmi Hills. Villagers work there and almost all the food is locally produced where possible. Further local people are trained as guides and as they live there all the time they quickly become extremely knowledgeable and indispensable to the visitors. I have stayed in at least five of their places and each one is extremely well sited with its own unique character and delightful, helpful staff.From the tourist’s practical point of view Help Tourism’s local knowledge, flexibility and friendliness make them ideal for custom-built wildlife holidays in the north east, especially for people who do not know the region. But their responsible and supportive attitude to the local people and the wildlife environment bring an added dimension as well much pleasure and new friends.”
Bill Harvey
Pound Farm, Blackham, Tunbridge
Wells, Kent, TN3 9TY, UK.

“I have been traveling to India longer than I care to admit and have wanted to visit the elusive Seven Sisters in the North East for a long time. Rumors had it to be troublesome, unsafe, and difficult with no apparent tourism infrastructure. All of this has changed over the recent years and in March 09 I found myself crossing the boarder at Dawki/ Tamabil between Bangladesh and Meghalaya along with some good friends.
Not many tourists came this way and the border is mainly used by local traders, but all we met gave us very warm welcome and we were received by a smiling representative from Help Tourism. Having sorted the entry formalities, we were off in our little yellow jeep to Ialong, a rural tourism project initiated by UNDP and supervised by Help Tourism. We continued onwards through Shillong and Siliguri towards Assam. From Guwahati it was a long and bumpy drive to get to Manas National Park. Great was our surprise and joy when we left the pot-holed road and drove over a rickety bridge, though the local market to the village of Kokilabari. We passed the office of Manas-Maozigendri Eco Tourism Society (MMES) and came to a halt at Manas Maozigendir Jungle Camp situated right on the outer perimeter of the park. In 2003 Help Tourism visited the heavily scarred park, and a community decision was taken to revive the park to its former glory by financing reconstruction though tourism. The MMES was formed and Help Tourism facilitated the community tourism project. We also visited other Help Tourism projects such as their stunning architectural gem in Neora Valley, the Santal tribal project in Tagore’s’ peaceful Shanti Niketan and the gorgeous Bali Island Jungle Camp in the Sundarbans. After visiting above mentioned Help Tourism projects we learnt a great deal more about the people and their lives in the North East through rewarding cross-cultural interaction. It seems apparent that responsibly managed community based tourism projects can facilitate economic growth and engages not only the visitor but also the entire local communities. From our experience we can whole heartedly endorse and support Help Tourism. They are doing a grand job!
Go explore and enjoy the elusive north east where people and nature are truly amazing.”
Trine Willumsen
Grace Tours
Sankt Peders Str. 28, DK - 1453 København K
Tlf: 33 117 117 , Copenhagen – Denmark


“What Help Tourism has been doing in Northeast India – in remote places like Arunachal, Nagaland, Assam(Manas Biosphere Reserve in particular), Sikkim, Tripura , North of Bengal and Sunderbans - is an outstanding example of community-based responsible tourism. Following my job experience in development financing in south-Asia for 25 years I am now working since 10 years as an environmental expert for remote
tourist spots and camps as a volunteer and I was fortunate to be a part of Help Tourism’s ‘waste-free destinations’ project in Lava, Neora Valley, Nagaland ,Manas Tiger Reserve and Sunderbans and I have no hesitation to confirm that the crusading zeal with which they work is terrific and has touched the lives of many people living around the national parks/sanctuaries. Their approach to conservation is simple, practical and their effort is prolific and truly inspiring.”
Klaus Schätte
Stammheimerstraße 28
50735 Köln/Germany

“Dear Help Tourism team,
I fully support the nomination of Help Tourism for both ‘Wildlife Tourism Initiative of the Year 2010’ and ‘Wildlife Promotion Company of the Year 2010’. Help Tourism is a truly inspirational company that works in a responsible, professional and empowering way with local communities and the environment. I have experienced Help Tourism both through my professional research and as a ‘customer’. In both instances I was very impressed by the energy and long term commitment of the company to its work in developing responsible wildlife tourism. I wish you luck with this award.”
Best wishes
Jane Brantom M Litt MTS
Heritage and Tourism Research and Consulting
5 Hencotes, Hexham
Northumberland, NE46 2EQ, UK

‘Our visit to your project has been one of the most inspiring and learning experiences for all of us at WWF-Bhutan. We hope, with your expertise and support we will also be able to develop such tourism models in the villages adjoining the protected areas and sacred sites in Bhutan. It was excellent to see how a simple model can engage local communities in conservation and at the same time can ensure their sustainable livelihood. We are now back at work. Mincha, Chophel, I and WWF Bhutan would like to say a big thank you to the two of you and everyone else who was involved in arranging our trip. Needless to say, we have come back so much wiser. We realize how selfless you are and humbled by your work. May ecotourism prosper in the same way and with the same spirit in our small country.”
Kinzang Namgay, Country Representative
WWF Bhutan Program Office
P.O Box 210, Thimphu, Bhutan

“For those who in the know, Help Tourism, set up in 1991, is a familiar name for ecoconscious tours and conservation efforts in the East and Northeast India. From the Sunderbans, Namdapha and Mishmi hills in Arunachal Pradesh, Neora Valley in the Kalimpong hills, Manas Tiger Reserve in Assam, the tea trails of the Dooars to the Crossborder circuits in Bangladesh and Bhutan, the organization’s paw prints in the region
are deep. Help Tourism has a number of naturalist-led trips that last from 10 to 30 days. Wildlife enthusiasts who want to explore the region or volunteer for programmes such as the Red Panda or Tiger and Elephant projects can expect help from an old hand.”
Outlook Traveller, March 2010 Issue
Amit Dixit, Deputy Edittor, Outlook Traveller

“Help Tourism seeks to link people’s livelihoods, by offering them ownership through tourism – the first step towards conservation. Their Community Partnership Tourism models have helped replace anti-environment livelihood patterns of many communities through alternative employment opportunities. To date, working with forest department staff, Help Tourism has worked in 29 villages in the Northeast to win support for nature conservation. While the concept of using tourism to aid wildlife conservation is not new, the concerted efforts of Help Tourism to ensure that local communities, their culture and way of life benefit is more than praiseworthy. Hopefully, such models will establish themselves and be replicated, to the benefit of wild India.”
Sanctuary Asia
August 2007 Issue

“At long last a moment to drop you a thank you note. It was great to meet you all.I was so delighted to experience the Help Tourism hospitality at the Sunderbans. Just had my photos printed and they are fabulous! Congratulations on a great concept and I wish you all well as you go forward. I met John McCarthy – the Australian Ambassador to India on the other day. He will contact you and seek your help in organizing his Sunderbans and Sikkim trip. Do stay in touch and I look forward to one day meeting up with each of you.
KR Maggie”
Maggie White
General Manager South/SE Asia, Tourism Australia

“I am still not sure how I would handle the hundreds of photos that we took to capture on the frame all our wonderful moments in Arunachal Pradesh & Assam. A superb trip about which we have been talking endlessly since the moment we had left Dibrugarh airport! Thank you very much for joining us and guiding us personally on the trip, especially when we know how busy you are. You have been the best guide we have ever come across so far. Your knowledge about the history, culture, ecology of the region, and your love for your people would certainly bring highest accolades to your organization soon! We cannot forget our beautiful hosts at Tawang, Dirang,Nameri.The Heritage Tea Bungalow of Dibrugarh was just like a paradise! Kaziranga was certainly the ice on the cake! How is Doljeet,Tamo and Imran? Our best wishes for them.
All best wishes from Anthea “ 
Les Chardonnerets B.6
1885 Chesières, Switzerland

“Greetings from Edinburgh, Scotland! I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to get back to you. Most importantly - what you arranged for me was fantastic. I really appreciate what your organisation has achieved and is hoping to achieve and I support you 100% in all of that. I certainly will have no hesitation in recommending you to all my friends! I really appreciate all the fantastic things you did arrange for me and hope to be back in India before too long and visit some more places. I'd love to go to the Sundarbans or Assam. I'm also aware that I promised Sishir that I would send the photos I took at the forest lodge. He must think that I've forgotten but I haven't! I printed them off last week and will send them this week. Take care of yourself. Again, my apologies for the hideous delay. As I said, I look forward to another visit and to meeting you folk again. Please give my very best wishes and thanks to Sishir and to Raj. I hope you are having a very successful year and wish you all the very best. If you do have a current brochure you could send me I would be glad to receive it.Kind regards and many thanks again.”
Barbara Porter
26 South Learmonth Gardens
Edinburgh EH4 1EZ, Scotland UK


“I wish every success in your wonderful tourism concept that cares about the people, and is sensitive to the environment. I wish you got to the Tourism for Tomorrow Award. Your Jungle Camp is a model project.
Best wishes.”
Amitav Ghosh New York
*Author of best sellers like Hungry Tide, The Glass Palace, Sea of Poppies,
Calcutta Chromosome

“We all got back home safe and sound. Yes, it was a unique experience. Both Kaziranga and Sunderbans were a great experience. So were Nameri & Cherrapunjee. Any amount of reading about this region or seeing films on it cannot do justice to it, as I believe it is something that has to be seen and experienced to appreciate its unique grandeur. The rustic Jungle Camp in Manas, Kaziranga jungle lodge, and your camp at Bali island just over the bund ( dyke) on the banks of the river and in the village, were ideal and very charming and added to the experience of being in the three world heritage sites! The way you have engaged the Bodo people in protection of the wildlife in Manas, deserves to be replicated in other parts of India. So much for now and before I conclude let me add that it was so nice of you to join us and spend three days with us despite your tight travel schedules. This made a big difference to our visit and also gave us an opportunity to get to know you personally. We are planning to visit Bhutan for two weeks next summer. I will certainly seek your help in organizing a befitting trip for us.”
Best Regards.
Sumitra Srinivasan ,Mumbai- 4

“I am grateful to you and Help Tourism for organizing the wonderful trip for my family. I was a bit nervous about my physically challenged son, but it went very smooth. Thanks to your team and Apurba who was an outstanding guide having vast knowledge about the history and ecology of East India. We liked the personalized service of the Kolkata hotel; Ganesh was always on time, courteous and drove the car very efficiently. I was very much impressed with the revealing walking tours that you operate. It gave us so much insight of the city – soaked in history. I must tell about the food that we had in Sunderbans. The best I have ever had in India. Being slightly over-fed, we of course had gained some weight! Wish you and Help Tourism best of luck with your unique tourism projects. I will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and colleague, and I am already planning another trip to Sikkim and Darjeeling hills with your company.
Best wishes.”
Judi Kloper
India Program Coordinator
Journeys of the Heart Adoption Services, USA.

“Now that we have returned and had an initial glance at the photos etc, it may be a good moment to thank you and your colleagues and staff. All flights, airport meetings, car journeys, hotel and lodge meetings - in fact all the arrangements went very smoothly, there were no bad moments, except perhaps briefly for Liz - she does not like large pythons coming towards her! and we greatly enjoyed the holiday.
We would of course have liked to meet you, but quite appreciate that you had commitments that made it impossible. Please do not take my comments about the python too seriously! This was a very large (to our eyes anyway) python that had been found injured by being kicked by a deer that it was trying to eat, and it had been brought in for treatment. On being disturbed with a stick, it moved slowly a short way towards us, to Liz's consternation for a moment or two. This was at Manas. It has been indeed amazing to see how your boys in Manas have picked up skill to rescue and rehabilitate an injured animal. They are the true protectors.
Liz is planning to put some photos on a CD disk and send them to you.
Best wishes Chris”
Chris&Liz Woodd-Walker, UK.

“First of all I'd like to thank you for the whole organisation of the trip and as well for the great time we've had together. At least for me it was a really nice experience and I enjoyed the days and nights in Assam and Arunachal. Everything was perfectly organized and I am sure that we will find a way to promote this product as well in Germany. Please give me the chance to get in touch with some of those specialized travel agencies and present to them the ideas we have regarding the ecotourism in India. I'll come back with more and detailed information to you soon. 

Thank you once more for the great experience and especially for the hospitality.
Best regards
Helmut Drotleff
Zossener Straße 55, 10961 Berlin

"Thank you so much for organizing everything so well for us. We had a wonderful time in Nagaland, Manas and Sunderbans and just got home this morning, so still a bit out of touch. We are already thinking about future visits and I hope we can manage to meet up at ExCel in London in November. All the best from both of us"
April 14, 2010
Pam & Julian Swindell

“I just want to write and thank you and your team for arranging such a wonderful trip to the Sunderbans last week. Every detail was well handled. Apurba was a fantastic guide and a charming, sensitive and interesting companion as well. All of the facilities, the transfers, the boat and local guide and especially the local Bengali meals were top quality. In short, we had a wonderful time. I also want to add special thanks to the staff and manager of your Kolkata office who took such good care of us on our return trip before dropping us at the train station. I know that it was a busy evening for them and we much appreciate their taking the time to help us in that way. Lynn and I are already thinking about whether we will come back to the northeast in a year or two. When we do, we will surely make our arrangements through Help Tourism.”
Tony Stewart 

“Our trip to your lovely country was extremely enjoyable. You did a wonderful job organizing everything. All of our guides and drivers were very knowledgeable and pleasant. We have to give a special mention to both Tuhin and Jayanta who accompanied us on the first part of the holiday. These two men were exceptional and a credit to your organization. Our guide in Kolkata was also very knowledgeable and showed us many places where I am sure the everyday tourist does not go ( the coffee house for example). We learnt many interesting things about Indian customs, religion , history and way of life. The hospitality throughout our stay was second to none. We were made most welcome where ever we went and were fed delicious food continuously. The Sunderbans camp was a unique experience which was one of the highlights of ourtrip. Wonderful buildings, surroundings, staff, food and relaxation. We did not manageto see a tiger but this did not distract from the experience. All in all we had a wonderful holiday and met some very interesting people, which we could not have done without your help. If you are in Britain next year we would love to meet up with you. Thank you again for everything you did for us.”
Patricia Forrester, UK.

“I must compliment Help Tourism on arranging an exemplary holiday for the three of us in the Sunderbans and Kaziranga. Both parks were magical, the accommodation comfortable, and the food was first class. My friends & I were also struck by the punctuality with which all safaris started, whether by boat, jeep or elephant. It was evident that the every rupee we spent on the trip went directly to the local people engaged for the welfare of the parks. Well done & I will recommend you to all my friends as the organization to use for cultural and nature tours to the East. We would next like to go to Arunachal sometime later this year or early next year, possibly with our wives. Could you draw up a sample itinerary and also advise us which is the best time to go? Cheers”.
Jayanand Govindaraj,
Chennai, India.

“Thank you for introducing both Vishal and me to the wilds of Manas. It was a most fascinating and encouraging programme and one which needs all the help it can get to succeed, as I do feel it has a good chance of success from the enthusiasm and interest our visit generated. Please kindly thank all our kind hosts. Vishal and I have discussed the idea of putting together a small group programme covering Manas and in cooperation with you in this region from 2007. Our idea would be to have a few days in Manas where
we can get real insight into the Park and the Bodos themselves, including a possible two day elephant trek, some walking along the river bed, maybe as part of a spore count monitoring programme, some hides for viewing over a two day period, at an appropriate place, and some village activities, all based from your new lodge.I look forward to a fruitful and mutually beneficial partnership – with both my (and your) hats – into the future. Kind regards and thanks.”
Julian Matthews
Founder & Chairman
ToFT(Travel Operators for Tigers)
The Travel House, 51 Castle Street, Cirencester, GL7 1QD, UK

“Dear Help Tourism Team,

We had a wonderful time in Shillong & Cherrapunjee. The way you organized the tour and the itinerary was impressive. We are happy to see your initiatives to engage the local communities gainfully in your tourism projects. Mark and I still fondly talk about your Sunderbans and Darjeeling projects. The BBC crew who I took on the filming trip to Darjeeling was also very happy with your professional and passionate services in
organizing the complicated shoot so well.
Wish you a great going!
Sir.Mark Tully & Gillian Wright,1 Nizamuddin East
New Delhi 110013

"Much gratitude for a wonderful experience at the Neora Valley Jungle Camp and for your excellent work! A model project! And my congratulations to you and your colleagues for the creation of a truly beautiful resort in a magnificent location. I wrote down my thoughts on marketing and gave them to your colleague here in
Darjeeling. Please write to me should you feel I can be of any help. Again with thanks.”
Simon Gandolfi

Wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our stay in the Sunderbans and Neora Valley Jungle Camps.
Kids really loved the mudskippers of all things, and Apurva was great as both guide and company. We had an amazing time in Neora – under the shadow of Kanchanjunga! Also, apparently we left a book there (The Hungry Tide, of course! :D ) and got a call asking where to send it. Don't worry about sending it back; don't want to be a nuisance, so if you can just keep it there for people to read, then fine, or whatever is easiest for you. 

Thanks much”
Angela Shenoy,
Bangalore, India.

“As you must have heard from my father, we had a wonderful trip in the north east! One of the most inspirational holidays I have had in my life. It was great to see the Namdapha Nalanda Nature School which you have built for the local tribal children in Namdapha Tiger Reserve and I will certainly put the word out among people I know in order to see how contributions of all kinds can be made.”
Pablo Chaterji 
Independent Film Maker

“I decided to finish the report and post it along with my thanks for a holiday experience we are unlikely to forget in the near future. We liked the locations you suggested to us. The cook certainly needs a special mention. The parents all had a good time and that was important to us besides the great birding. Hope the trip report says the rest of the story. If you would like us to share our pictures of the place and the birds at Neora, let me know. Please let us know what new things Help Tourism does. We hope to meet you sometime in the near future. We would like to do the Sunderbans one of these days. :)”
With best Regards
Rakesh and Seema Mullick
Bangalore, India.

“Sadly, back to the wicked world after a beautiful week in Sikkim and Neora.. :-) Neora Valley: Easily the best part of the trip.. The place has really come up very nicely. Great hospitality, great food and very warm people. We had some very good birding in the nearby areas. The atmosphere overall was simply out of this world. The best part was that there's no electricity and hence no unnecessary light and sounds. All in all, it was a fantastic experience being in Neora Valley. We were greatly inspired by your SWAP(Save Wildlife Awareness Project) projects in the local schools. Please let us know how we can contribute to this important programme.  Tinchuley has always stood out for its great hospitality and warm people.Apart from its natural beauty and great birding opportunities, what we also liked was the special homely atmosphere, understanding their traditions and culture and being a part of their family. People (atleast our group feels this of much more value) than staying in some hotel in Darjeeling. I hope next time we get to experience the zame old Gurung family.Barshey Rhododendron Sanctuary was awesome! The birds, flowers and orchids were fabulous. Tents, food and services were of highest quality. We were particularly happy to see how you have trained and engaged the local villagers in hospitality business in these remote mountains.Bhaskar was a perfect leader and co-ordinated everything for us with great precision. He has a passion for the Himalayas and it shows.Kudos..!! Many thanks to Jayanto and Raju for the safe and rather entertaining travel throughout..

Lastly, thanks to the entire Help Tourism family for all the help in making our trip very special..! Looking forward to being there with you all soon.” 

Rahul Rao
Foliage Outdoors / Saad Tourism
203 Mahadkar Chambers, Karve Road,
Pune 411038

“Greetings to all at Help Tourism..! 

It was indeed an amazing experience for all of us to be at Manas Jungle Camp. As for me, it was wonderful to see that the Manas project has really grown from what I had seena couple of years back..! Just hope it maintains its ethos and the zeal in the future too.We had some fantastic sightings of the typical Northeastern specialties. The highlights of our trip were a huge Wild Buffalo, 3 Bengal Floricans, Black Tailed Crake, Golden Langur, Reticulated Python, Great and Wreathed Hornbills and a glimpse of a Pigmy Hog! We saw herds of elephants and a Jungle Cat on the last day. Sushanta was very cooperative and helpful. He is very good in the field and also eager to share his knowledge which is good. Rustom was a brilliant guide. The entire staff at the camp was indeed very helpful and made our experience very special..! It was also great to meet Raj at the camp and see him and Birkhang working with the kids of Kokilabari. All in all it was a very refreshing experience and would like to thank you and the entire Help Tourism team for making our visit a great success..! Here's wishing everyone at Help Tourism a very Happy and a prosperous New Year..!”
Gaurav Purohit
Explore Wild India
Pune, Maharastra

“I wanted to thank you for your help in organizing two successful trips in India this last couple of weeks. All went extremely well and if I had taken your advice regarding Bharatpur then it may even have been perfect. Unfortunately the Rajastani politicians are messing up one of the most special natural parks in India by not releasing water from a dam project some 30 km away from the park. I was told that last year the park was full of birds... I guess the next time I will have to do some more careful planning. Perhaps a trip to Gujarat (Gir forest) or the far northeast will be a better bet for birds and other animals.Thanks again and best wishes with Help Tourism!”
Regards, Simon
Simon A.M. Hesp, P.Eng.
Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry, Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario, K7L 3N6 CANADA

“In 1989, in the North Eastern region of India, a small group of young men and women decided to give up their professional careers and dedicate themselves to a cause that would have everlasting impact to this region and ultimately draw international attention. The group, under the banner of Help Tourism, focussed on the preservation of the unique and fragile biodiversity of this remote part of the world and decided to help impoverished remote communities economically by setting up home stays for travellers from all over the world to come and enjoy life with them. Today twenty years on Green Frontier is proud to be associated with one of the most successful eco-tourist partners in India. Since 1991 Help Tourism has been working tireless with Remote Mountain and forest communities – establishing eco-resorts and imparting training to local villagers set up infrastructure. Trained villagers who were previously poachers and hunters are now protecting national parks and forests and have become experts in bird and wildlife guiding. Every single trip circuit has a success story to relate and your travel dollar helps protect community sustain an economy which in turn fosters the preservation of precious and endangered wildlife and habitat. Our vision is the practical implementation of a happy marriage between ecotourism revenue and conservation of our biodiversity in a sustainable and responsible manner. Green Frontier is proud to be a family of this initiative.”
Shyamal Datta
CEO& Founder
Green Frontier EcoTours
1702 NE 27th Ave., Portland, Oregon 97212, USA

“During the course of making a film on Heritage Tourism in India this organization (Help Tourism) struck me as a group of very dedicated people doing work in some of the most difficult parts of the country. Their work reflects a rare commitment that has led them to being innovative in their approach and also having a keen and intimate knowledge of the people, culture and environment in which they work. I truly believe they are an organization that deserves of every support, recognition and encouragement.”
Chandrasekhar Reddy
45 Paradise Place, Norwich, NR1 1QY. UK.
Art Farnsley Note of Thanks

“Hello all:
We are safely back in the US and I wanted to thank you for a wonderful tour. If I can be of service by writing a formal review or a letter of thanks, I would be very happy to do so. You can rest assured that my high opinion will be reflected on and The entire trip was professionally arranged and managed. Many thanks to Tapashi and Animesh also, even though I kept contacting a founding partner with my constant questions. First and foremost, I wish to thank Bhaskar and Jayanta. They were marvelous. I can see why you keep two men such as this in your employ and I would happily, proudly recommend them to anyone--as I suspect you know already. The driving and tour-guiding were excellent, but they went well beyond this. Bhaskar made sure our rooms at the Elgin were the best. He made a difficult, but correct, decision to take a long detour when the National Highway was closed due to landslide. Jayanta got the brakes checked and repaired at the first hint of trouble. In short, they were truly professional. But even better, they were friendly and funny and interesting. When they sensed our discomfort at arriving at Gorumara in the dark (we were exhausted), Jayanta even offered us his phone to keep in case we needed to contact them. But of cours we didn't need to contact them. Second, I think Help Tourism chose good contractors for our tours outside of your region. The guide in Delhi was very good and his English was excellent. We got two added bonuses in Agra: the boss of Leisure Travel invited us to his "house inauguration" puja and lunch AND we got our picture in the Agra newspaper. The guide in Varanasi was exceptionally good also; indeed, we added a tour package there of the evening aartie on the ghats at a reasonable expense. The drivers at each location were excellent. In Varanasi, the tour office manager stayed a LONG time with us until the train arrived. He even got on the train and made sure we were settled (which included removing a man sleeping in one of our berths). 

Third, we enjoyed the train rides with the exception that they were both insufferably late. I know this is a perennial Indian problem, but we were lucky their lateness did not ruin any of other plans. Fourth, the Green Meadow homestay in Delhi was good; not great, but good, and the owner was very helpful. I know this has not been your usual choice since you had The Fort, but Green Meadow is a good property. The Camellia homestay was, of course, fantastic. It was a highlight of the trip and I suspect we will stay in touch with the Gurungs. On our second day there, we sat and talked with them from 4:30pm til 9:30pm. Just amazing. In short, the trip was everything we could have hoped. We got to see Kanchenjunga one morning despite the monsoons, we got to see 1 horned rhinos, I got to go into a Nepalese wedding, and we met many new Indian friends. My total and complete thanks. 
Arthur Farnsley

“Our stay in the sunderbans was fantastic, and we want to especially congratulate our guide, who showed real interest in wildlife and good ornithological education (his name escape my memory now, but he is a climber during the summer season and a guide in sunderbans during the winter season).”
sincerly yours 

“Dear Help Tourism team,
Sorry for the delay in writing, but I've been traveling nonstop since returning from the Sunderbans. I just wanted to let you know how much my mother and I enjoyed our stays in Neora Valley and on Bali Island. I have already forwarded your contact information to other friends and acquaintances who are interested in your projects. I myself work in the service industry as an event organizer and I know how much coordination, patience, and commitment lies behind the scenes. Both trips were not only flawlessly organized but also highly personal. Even with other guests around, we felt like we were the only ones there. Moreover, all of your staff seem deeply committed and enthusiastic about their work. You are doing a tremendous job. Looking forward to further adventures with your team.
Best wishes for 2011!”
Kind regards
Milena Chilla-Markhoff
Motor Show and Roadshow Logistics
Lokachara Limited, Inc.

“Firstly thank you so much for making my Honeymoon trip a Memorable Journey of my life. I would like to share my experience regarding my trip in Neora Valley, Kalimpong, Darjeeling,Dam Dim Tea Estate. Neora Valley Jungle Camp: stay and meals are extra ordinary, Mr.Paulda and his staff members are very co-operative. We also enjoyed a Tibetan Dish called Mo mo and also variety of vegetables, also liked the concept of serving the meals in the traditional plates, water served in traditional glass. The view of Kanchenjunga is beautiful from the Neora Valley Jungle Camp, we were lucky to see Kanchenjunga very next day from our Cottage specially Mr.Paul had come to wake us up in early morning to see the Kanchenjunga. We had been to the village walk, which is also a soft trek in the jungles. Can promote a small trek or village visit to our customers. Our Silver Oaks-Kalimpong Stay and location of room was beautiful as well the view again is superb from the room, Food is also tasty. Swiss Hotel-Darjeeling : Another beautiful property in Darjeeling.Beautifully located in and also the view from the room i just fantastic.  Parasda and his staff are very helpful.Dam Dim Tea Estate : An unforgettable experience, inf act we will be visiting this property once again with our own family group.Ali Da is down to earth person, his food cant be compared to any 5***** hotels food,this is the best cook i have ever met in my life time and enjoyed his food especially ever tasted. I think i m lucky to eat Alida's handmade meal. The surrounding is well maintained in Dam Dim Tea Estate and it is also kept clean. I would like to specially thank you Animesh Da for arranging the tickets for me in a very short notice on 2nd Jan'11, he is down to earth. And of course i would also like to specially thank you to Jayant da, he is very informative person, his driving is smooth no hurry, and also his service is excellent. I would like to once again thank you and your whole Help Tourism Team for such a good arrangements made for us. Help Tourism Rocks.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Warm regards,
Pradnya Joshi
Ecomantra Nature Adventures Private Limited
Mumbai - 400086. INDIA.

“Our trip was an unqualified success on the ground. The only hiccup we had was that our return flight from Bagdogra on Aug 14 was delayed by four hours and we consequently missed our connecting flight to Chennai. We had to stay overnight in Kolkata and eventually reached Chennai on 15th morning. We had a wonderful time thanks to Mr.Mitra. The birding was excellent despite the monsoon and we saw and heard 146 species in just over five days. Star birds seen were Cutia on the Loylegaon Road and White-tailed Robin and Sikkim Wedge-billed Wren Babbler at Tiger Hill. The service at both the Orchid Retreat and the Swiss Hotel was very good, the resort personnel very courteous and we were made to feel at home. We were privileged to spend a week with Mr.Mitra. He is a great all round naturalist with a vast, probably unrivalled knowledge of the North East and its birds. We were touched by his genuine empathy and feeling for nature and the environment. At a personal level he was so wonderfully warm and affectionate and we in turn became so attached to him. For the children, it was like a week spent with their grandfather. Thank you for all the tour arrangements. And thank you in particular for the Precious moments with Mr. Mitra .”
Warm regards
Govind Kumar

“Just wanted to keep you informed that our Manas Tiger Reserve Camp, organized by BNHS through you was excellent. Different landscape and pristine place. We very much liked it. Sumitra Rana and Sukh were very knowledgeable guides. Food and stay were simple but excellent and homely. Birding was just great and we were lucky to see Yellow Throated Martin and Bengal Florican as well. The camp staffs were very attentive and obliging. The best part to me was to see how your local team is managing the ecotourism show so efficiently and at the same time putting their best efforts to protect this unique wilderness. This was my second trip with Help Tourism but was second to none like the first one in terms of quality and overall experiences and organization. I shall definitely recommend you again to my friends and relatives.”
Mandar Salaye
Mumbai, India.

Dear Asit
“I will come back to you with a fuller letter; the matter of wildlife and habitat preservation is something that is dear to my heart and you in India sit on one of the most diverse and wonderful series of eco systems. But I have returned to several hundred e mails, an ill brother and an ill cousin. First however a million thanks are for all that you have done for Sue and me. The efficiency of Help Tourism was incredible, absolutely first rate, as was the quality of your agents and drivers. I will sing your praises to all. Give me a few days And thanks
Sue and David Bromhead, UK
David Bromhead

“Just a short note to say that I had a very successful trip in NE India. In general everything went very well and most of the accommodation was some of the best I've experienced during my visits to India. You have an excellent camp in the Mishmi Hills, even when taking into account the frequent power cuts that occurred during my stay there. Thank you and your team very much for the excellent organization. I will be more than happy to act as a reference should future visitors require some external assurances regarding your services.
Once again many thanks for your help with my NE India trip.
Best wishes,
Paul Triggs, UK.

“Just a quick note of thanks to say we had a great time in Manas last week. Thanks to your organizing it all went swimmingly and we had a wonderful time. All staff, accommodation, food, etc were brilliant and we thoroughly enjoyed the variety of activities on offer. Please thank Shishir (apologies if misspelled) for all his help and efforts accompanying us.
Keep up the good work!
I have recommended my parents try and visit.”
Thanks again,
Charles Stagg, UK.

“Had a nice trip with a very capable driver and guide. Good accommodations as well. Nagaland is an nteresting area but extremely slow to get around. Next time we'll plan on a longer visit.” 
Thanks for your help
Tom Mele
Connecticut Metal Ind Ansonia CT 203 736 0790

“Now, as we prepare to leave India for home we thought we’d say thank you to the people who touched us and who became our friends and “family” during our stay. It’s been 5 wonderful weeks. We ran hard and enjoyed every moment. Our senses are overwhelmed with sights, sounds, smells and people. We look forward to preparing stories to share with family and friends and fully anticipate that the level of detail will increase as we look back. Thanks again to all our wonderful hosts/friends in India. You have given us a trip of a lifetime. Our deepest gratitude to all of you.
Dianne and Bruce McCammon
Portland, Oregon.

“Our trip to the Jungle Camp in Balideep during Oct 10-13 was absolutely great. Thanks for providing a superb experience. Five people in our group visited the Sunderbans for the first time. I hope all of them returned with the desire to go there again. The three of us for who this was the second visit to the Sunderbans with Help Tourism, certainly intend to make further visits in future. The food was fabulous. I honestly cannot compare with what we ate there during our last visit 5 years ago, but going by everyone's astounding appetite, the difference, if any, couldonly be for the better. The prawns were out of the world, and so was the cooking. For me the most appealing aspect of the Jungle Camp at Balideep is the people. You are doing a superb job of keeping the local people engaged and gainfully employed, including the ladies of the families. Everyone seems to work with a deep sense of ownership and engagement with the affairs of the camp. This is an extraordinary achievement. I mustapologize that I do not remember all the names of the folks at the camp, but I'm truly touchedby their efforts and sincerity. 
Sombhu-da is a dynamic manager for the camp and took care of everything we needed with ease, mostly even before we could say it. Apurba Chakraborty is a very pleasant and knowledgeable guide with deep interest in birds, butterflies, plants, and everything a naturalist can possibly be interested in. I and everyone else in the group thoroughly enjoyed his company and the eagerness to share as much as he could with us throughout our trip.  Help Tourism has clearly grown into quite an organization, going by what I experienced I hope to be in the Sunderbans again. And we must plan the North-East trip some time soon as well. May Help Tourism continue to be one of the finesteco-aware tourism companies for years to come. And keep the good work with the local people going. I am convinced that this is the secret sauce.

Dr.Chandan Haldar, Bangalore, India.


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